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Saw these two amazing rivers from the plane and had to look them up - on the left it’s Torrente Cellina, on the right the Tagliamento. And it turns out if I had looked out on the left side of the plane I would have seen Venice (via Tagliamento - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia)
#zadar #flatironbuilding #almost #croatia #zadranka #architecture  (at Zadar Stari Grad)
#tesla mural #zadar #croatia  (at Marina Zadar)
This is very agreeable #onaboat #zadar #holiday  (at Marina Zadar)
The oleander lady #zadar #holiday  (at Karma)
#dalmatia #zadar #adria #sea #holiday  (at Bibinje Beach)

“I think Aaron’s story is compelling for lots of different reasons. My previous film We Are Legion followed hackers and activists, so I was following Aaron’s story right from when he was arrested. He was so deeply engaged in so many issues that are really relevant about information, our relationship with information, the way the Internet is changing, and the freedoms of the Internet. And then I was struck by how much his story resonated with people far beyond the communities in which he was a celebrity—people that didn’t even know him.” 
—Brian Knappenberger, director of The Internet’s Own Boy, on Aaron Swartz. Read the rest of the Q&A and watch the new trailer, over here.

And then watch the full movie here 
Here, have some German gods judging you 

" And yet, arrested by these figures, although unsurprised by them – having cycled down Oxford Street often enough to have seen the diesel fumes shimmering in the sun – I think there probably are things we can do. First, learn to love the EU, without which we would have no statutory pressure at all, just a breezy mayor saying that everything is under control. "

Holland and Argentina after Germany won

  • Holland: you win
  • Argentina: no cmon, you win
  • Holland: no seriously dude, you win
  • Argentina: honestly no, thank you


the flawless diversity of fox news anchors

I originally thought this was all the same anchor

" I think the people who run Twitter are not very good at Twitter. "

- John Gruber (via fadingcity)